Turkey… The Cradle of History

Inhabited for over six thousand years, Turkey was the scene for many of the most famous events of the Ancient World. It is an exotic and fabled land shaped by kings and priestesses, sultans and princesses, holding not only treasures dating back to the dawn of time but also contemporary masterpieces that are reinterpreting this heritage to create a vibrant post-modern tradition. This synthesis is not simply an artistic expression; it is also way of life that for millennia has nurtured creative expressions and fostered tolerance overarching divisions of religion, ethnicity and gender.

When we look at Anatolia with its 9.000 years of history, rugged hills and towering mountains, peaceful bays and stunning beaches that have been home to more than a dozen major civilizations. We see a treasure trove of inspiration, a symphony of images and color that artists, artisans, writers and poets are rediscovering.

Visit Istanbul, so ancient and yet so alive, sophisticated, link East and West, capital of three empires, the juxtaposition of past and present, arty, impossible to fully comprehend and so diverse.

Travel to the luxury resort town of Bodrum, famous for its luxury hotels, spas, beach clubs, food scene, and superyachts.

Discover Cappadocia’s unearthly landscape where entire cities have been carved from volcanic stone.

Leap from your gulet’s deck into the crystal blue waters of a Mediterranean lagoon.

Come discover a land where the future is taking shape, as the latest trends and centuries-old sensibilities collide and mingle, merging East and West, belief and innovation, cosmopolitan and rural into a dynamic and inspiring multicultural tapestry. Join us to explore Turkey’s mosaic of past and future, its tapestry of cultures and civilizations, grand architecture and exotic settings and discover its message of hope and harmony for the world…