We would like to extend our appreciation for your organization of our recent Credo tour of Turkey as we were part of Bronlyn Schoer’s group. All arrangements were seamless for us but we realize it was a lot of work on your behalf especially when new drivers were needed. So many thanks. Best wishes for your forthcoming wedding. Jocelyn & Ted Booth, Australia

Thank you so much for arranging our trip to Turkey. We had a marvelous time. Every detail was perfect. We loved the guides; Ulku and Yesim. The hotels were beautiful and so comfortable. We are raving about our experiences. The Turkish people were enchanting, warm and so welcoming! The food was delicious and the many wonderful sights held us in wonder. Thanks so much. We will recommend you to all we know. Dona Burrell, USA

I wanted to let you know that we had a wonderful time in Turkey thanks to you and the wonderful guides that you hired for us. Damla was very nice and insightful and we enjoyed her a lot. The driver was also quite nice and he is an amazingly good driver. The restaurants were lovely, especially the first hotel restaurant that we went to for lunch. Cappadocia was great. We really liked Edip and Mahmut. They were so wonderful and made us feel so welcome. Edip was incredibly knowledgeable and made us feel almost like family. He made the history of Turkey so interesting and what we loved was the way he made it sound very personal. All of the restaurants that he chose were DELICIOUS. Mahmut was incredibly sweet and we REALLY enjoyed our time there. The Cave hotel was so beautiful and the owner and all the workers there were so nice. We would definitely return there if we were to go back again. Ephesus was nice. We liked Denizhan a lot and he was also very informative, nice and very helpful. The Kismet Hotel is located in a very nice location but they have let the hotel go. The lobby was so beautiful but the rooms were quite old and did not have a very CLEAN feel to it. The bathrooms were horrible. The bath tubs were rusting and the grout in the showers were not in good condition. I would not recommend it to anyone. It is a shame because it could be a wonderful hotel. Bodrum was nice. Canan was nice and very informative. We liked her and learned a lot about the ancient civilizations. The Boutique hotel was absolutely lovely. We really enjoyed it there and the rooms were nice and clean. The hotel has a wonderful atmosphere to it. Overall, we loved Turkey and would love to return again. If we do, I would definitely contact Credo Tours because of the service and the hospitality that you showed us. You were wonderful to us and I want to thank you for making the trip special for us. I will definitely refer friends to you and your agency. I know that you have a special day coming up this summer and I would like to wish both you and your fiancée the best. I know that you will look Beautiful on your wedding day and I hope that you both have a wonderful life together. Thank you once again for everything. Best regards, Jacquelyn Young, Germany

I am happy to provide feedback to you about the portion of our trip that you arranged. Each of the drivers and guides did a good job. Starting with Konya, the hotel was very well located and adequate. Our guide for Konya has kindly phoned us the evening we arrived to tell us about a special Sema ceremony with American Sufis that was held in a large hotel ballroom. We took a cab there and enjoyed this very much. On the drive from Konya to Cappadocia, our driver stopped for us to visit the Sultanhani Caravanserai that we enjoyed very much. I want to comment especially on the outstanding job done by our guide (Cem Gulluoglu) and our driver (Erhan) for the days in Cappadocia. They had the challenge of planning suitable hikes for a 40 year old and a 70 year old. Cem was very helpful in working with me on the challenging parts, and I was able do and to see everything. His knowledge of the geology, religion, history, art, etc. added so much to the enjoyment of that area. The driver, Erhan, worked well as a team member with Cem, and we enjoyed spending time with each of them. It was a rich and fun visit to that intriguing part of the country. Also the Kale Konak Cave Hotel was spectacular, and the staff was wonderful. Finally, our brief stay in Ephesus was good as well. We enjoyed going down to the Aegean below the hotel, and our guide was knowledgeable about the ruins. The final day in Izmir was less interesting, but we were well positioned for our return flight. Thank you for making the arrangements for us. The entire trip was memorable, and we hope to be able to return some day. Sincerely, Jane Norbeck, USA

We are back in Sherbrooke, Quebec. Slightly jet-lagged, but very happy with our wonderful trip to Turkey. First of all, a big thank you for putting this wonderful trip together for the two of us. Our guides were all very good, with the ones in the south being truly exceptional. Our drivers were amazing –the one in Istanbul deserves a medal for some of the narrow passages he was able to get through. Our hotels just got better and better. We loved the one in Bodrum and were actually able to swim in the pool the night we got in. The food was universally good, but I imagine it is difficult to eat badly in Turkey. We are happy to recommend you, Credo and the team you put together to help us see your wonderful country. Fiona Macleod, Canada

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how much we enjoyed our trip to Turkey and that we thank YOU for that! Because of your excellent planning and knowledgeable guides, we were able to see so much more of Turkey than we thought possible and left each sight with so much more knowledge about it than we had hoped. Of course, Salvador’s favorite adventure was “conducting” the ship through the Bosphorus. We had wanted to visit Turkey for such a long time and are grateful to you for making it such a special experience for us. We had high expectations, and somehow you managed to surpass them. We are looking forward going back to Turkey in a near future and enjoying the great hospitality of Credo Tours once again. Salvador & Luz Caputto, LA, USA

Deniz was a superb guide and the driver Mustafa and Seyit were very professional and confidence building. Lale provided us with excellent guide service and terrific recommendations and personal attention. We will highly recommend your services to our friends. James & Kip Fenton, Washington DC, USA

I just would like to let you know that we had a wonderful time in Istanbul and Ephesus. Both our guides were great. We had Fatos in Istanbul and she was very knowledgeable and provided a historical perspective to the tour. We had Yesim and the driver Mustafa in Ephesus, Yesim was very friendly and very lively and also very knowledgeable. Mustafa was also very friendly and a very good safe driver. The driver in Istanbul was also very good but we did not get a chance to actually chat with him. All of them were very professional. Both Gene and myself were very happy with our visit. We can’t wait to go back to Turkey and explore other areas. Andre Acusta, Australia