I have just spoken to Shirley Chan-you looked after her group of 4 recently. She said that you were “fantastic”. Thank you very much for taking such good care of my clients. I will recommend you whenever I can. Thank god Jack Leaf told me about you. Kind regards. Catherine Little, U.K.

My three friends and I have been back in Australia for three weeks now after our wonderful holiday in Turkey. My apologies for not contacting you before this but I have been very busy catching up with all the work that had to be done when I returned home. Tom from Timeless Tours gave me your email address so I could send you a message. My friends and I want to thank you and your colleagues for all the work you did in organizing our holiday in Western Turkey. Everything went so smoothly. The accommodation was excellent, the very comfortable transport was always there according to the schedule and our private tour guides were punctual and very knowledgeable. We had fabulous time. Turkey is beautiful and all the people we met were so friendly and helpful. Since we returned to Australia, we haven’t stopped talking about your fascinating country. On behalf of Janet Douglas, Jenny Chillingwort, Margery Postlethwaite and myself, I would like to thank you and your colleagues most sincerely for everything you did to make our holiday in Turkey so enjoyable and so memorable. Kind regards, Judith Bate, Australia

Loretta and I had a wonderful time in Turkey thanks to you, Ken, and Seyit. Ken was terrific, and we would gladly recommend him to anyone. He is so knowledgeable and so personable. Seyit was a true professional, and we were constantly amazed at his ability to navigate the van through the smallest spaces. We have been following the news about Taksim Square ever since we came home. We hope that today’s news that P.M. Erdogan has agreed to abide by the court decision and to hold a referendum, if necessary, will resolve the crisis. We loved our time in Turkey and we loved the Turkish people we met, especially in Istanbul, so we hope for only the best for you and your fellow citizens. Loretta & Bob Bender, USA

As with all good things, they must come to an end. We returned home on Saturday after a wonderful stay in Turkey. Both France and I are completely astounded about our experience in Istanbul and Antalya. Never have we been on such a wonderful trip. A couple of notes: The Celal Sultan was wonderful hotel well situated in Sultanahmet. The rooftop terrace with the breathtaking view of Hagia Sophia was our favorite hangout following a day of walking and taking in the sights. There was one staff member, shame on me for not recalling his name, who was mostly in the restaurant that took very good care of us. The entire staff at the hotel was excellent. You might want to mention to the hotel management that they have a plumbing problem that resulted in our room having a bad odor. We managed the problem by keeping the windows open and air conditioning at maximum setting. We had never experienced the call to prayer from the Mosques and it was a very humbling experience. Every day when the prayers would begin, we stopped whatever we were doing and listened. It was very moving. We also attended the dance celebration, for lack of more worthy descriptions… the whirling dervishes, at a local Mosque. The dance performance offered for the tourists did not interest us. The celebration was at a local Mosque and this was also one of the most humbling experiences we have witnessed and felt very privileged to have attended. Istanbul has to be one of the most wondrous, incredible, noisy, chaotic, beautiful places I have ever seen. No guidebook exists that can prepare a person for that. Some of our friends expressed concern for us during our stay in Istanbul due to the protests in Taksim park. It took several emails and facebook postings to calm them down. The Kempinski is, well, Kempinski. You had mentioned that it is one of the best hotels in Turkey… a reputation well deserved. Our stay was indeed wonderful. We spent a day in Antalya which was also a wonderful experience. All the airport transfers were done quickly and efficiently. Several drivers, in particular the first one from Sabiha Gokcen to hotel, gave us pieces of information about the city and the people. And finally, we have to thank you and your colleagues for providing outstanding help with our travel in Turkey. Even the change in flight to Paris was smooth. We spent a bit more time at Ataturk airport but as both France and I like to watch people wherever we go, we had more than we could handle at the airport. Thank you for introducing us to Istanbul and Turkey. It is a wonderful country and we will return. France & Ken Paul, Canada

I have waited too long to write. It has been nearly two weeks since the end of our tour. The first week of June, Anne and I spent with our son and his Turkish wife as guests of her parents at the Darussafaka Urla Residenz, a quite lavish retirement home in an area surrounded by farms, not far from Izmir. We were told that the same organization has 3 other such residences in Istanbul. On June 2nd we got driven to Pergamon, which we found very impressive and we didn’t really miss the sculptures that are in Berlin, the architecture was still wonderful. The next day explored the coastal peninsula, including an interesting archeological site called Erythrai on a hilltop with a beautiful view directed toward the Greek island of Chios. We also visited the Izmir archeological museum, with two rare and beautiful bronze statues that had been fished out from sea – originally found by sponge divers. In the center of Izmir on June 4th everything looked normal. Many of the apartment windows, however, were draped with Turkish flags, at least half of them including portraits of Ataturk. Also, we saw a wonderful folk dance performance. In the municipal auditorium of nearby town of Urla, with a huge Turkish flag on one side of the stage and Ataturk staring at the audience on the other. Ataturk (but not the flag) was lit up during the entire performance, beside the dancers – and the song that dancers and the enthusiastic Turkish audience sung together at the end of the performance included his name repeated more than once. I conclude from these experiences that Ataturk has an immensely important emotional grip on at least one segment of the country. But Erdogan seems to detest him (in part, perhaps, because he was a heavy drinker). From reading articles in the NY Times (against the background that you provided), I get a sense of a very deep split in Turkish society. I heard yesterday of the cancelation an international meeting scheduled to be in Turkey. A timid mistake, I think. I had no personal worries whatsoever in my last few days in Turkey. Of course, nobody would be demonstrating at the Darusafaka Urla Rezidanz. But getting back to our tour, I should say that Anne and I both found it wonderful despite my misadventure at Sagalassos. My finger, by the way, is healing nicely and being taken care of by a physical therapist here in Iowa City. The new X-ray exams showed that the bones had been set perfectly by Dr. Ozcanli in Antalya while the repaired tendon is holding nicely. We shall now write to Nermin Sumer at the Tuvana Hotel in Antalya. We hope that her business is not suffering from the potential unrest. With our thanks and best wishes. Joseph Frankel, USA

We got home on Saturday night and are back to our normal routine (except for the jet lag part!). I wanted to thank you and your Credo team for a wonderful trip. Turkey has so many interesting things to see and experience and even though we were only in the country for 9 days, we feel like we were able to see a lot in a short time. Everything was very well thought out and organized. We really appreciated meeting you and our lunch together. All of the guides and drivers were very nice and helpful. We owe both Esra and Yesim some photos when we get them organized! Thanks also for changing our tickets on the strike day. We will most certainly recommend travel in Turkey through Credo to our friends. On a personal note, we wish you a wonderful wedding day and much happiness and success in the future. Anne Venner, USA

Now that we are back home, we want to take the time to thank you so very much for all your efforts in designing a fantastic trip to Turkey for us. Bayard and I thoroughly enjoyed our time in your amazing country. We loved learning about the layers of history and culture, meeting so many warm and welcoming people and of course, enjoying the excellent cuisine! The trip that you designed with time in Istanbul, Cappadocia and the Ephesus area gave us three very different and fascinating ways to experience the country. Our guides and drivers were all excellent. The hotels and restaurants were varied and lovely. We give special thanks to Abdullah, for making our time in Istanbul so enjoyable and interesting, and to Canan for her detailed archeological tour of the Underwater Archeology Museum in Bodrum. We were so impressed by how accessible you were to us and how you kept an eye on how things were going. Whenever we had a glitch (which were small and few), you straightened things out right away. You were also amazingly resourceful and patient when I decided to change our program in Bodrum at the very last minute. Instead of visiting a local town, the beautiful weather made me wish for a sail on a gulet the next morning and you arranged for that to happen. We couldn’t be happier with our experience in Turkey or with Credo for your great combination of professionalism and friendship. We have already begun to recommend you to our friends and will continue to do so. We wish you all the best for your wedding in June. If you are ever in Boston, please come visit us. Very best wishes, Bronlyn Schoer, Australia

Well, Gary, Jillian and I are last ones in Istanbul. We fly to St. Petersburg tomorrow. We will have a low key day today at Museum of modern art and maybe Pera Museum. Thank you for all your services before and during our wonderful stay in Turkey…apart from the sometimes exhausting long days and the effort needed to keep up with extremely enthusiastic and knowledgeable guides, Credo for us was the best thing a group of 9 could have done. You can be sure we will be recommending Credo’s services to other friends. Goodbye and many thanks. Bronlyn Schoer, Australia